How Often Should You Work Out?

Have you ever wondered how many workouts you should be doing to maximize your muscle growth or, better yet, achieve your fitness goals? 

Ideally, you should work out 3-5 times a week to achieve the best results. To meet your fitness goals, however, you need to remember that working out only accounts for 30% of your efforts. The remaining 70% will depend on your diet, lifestyle and consistency. 

In this post, we will tackle two of the most common questions about workout efficiency. Keep reading to learn how often you should work out to see actual changes in your body.


How many times should I work out per week?

The ideal workout schedule is 3-5 days a week. To know which workout fits your lifestyle, you have to consider the following:

  • Fitness goals: Assess and set realistic goals, whether it’s for losing weight or gaining weight. You should take into account how your lifestyle and schedule can affect your consistency.  
  • Workout duration and intensity: Working out takes commitment and planning. Your body needs to adapt to the duration and intensity of your exercise. The amount of time needed for your body to recover after each session will depend on how intense your previous workout was. Low-intensity training requires little recuperation time, whereas high-impact exercises can take longer for the body to heal.
  • Age: Age plays a significant role in determining the number of times you can exercise per day. A 60-year-old person doesn’t have the same strength and fast recovery time as a 25-year-old individual. However, regardless of age, if you train consistently and continue to eat well, your body will improve. 
  • Schedule: The most fundamental of all is mastering your time. Not everyone has the same timetable, but it shouldn’t stop you from training to your fullest potential. Before starting your fitness routine, make sure you’re able to fit it into your daily activities. Adjust your schedule based on your new fitness lifestyle.


What types of exercise should I do?

You should adjust your exercise to fit your goals. If you want to focus on a particular style or approach to powerlifting, you should engage in cardio training combined with bodybuilding. 

The ideal workout split is 3-4 exercises per workout session with appropriate repetitions. For muscle building, focus on achieving 6-12 repetitions, whereas 2-5 repetitions are enough to build power. 

Remember to practice progressive overload, meaning as you progress and adjust your exercise, you should add more repetitions and more weight to see better results. 

Additionally, eating well and sleeping enough play an important role in any exercise program, whether you're working out at a high-intensity level or not. If you lack sleep and don't follow a healthy diet, you will see little to no change in your body.  

You need to know which diet suits your fitness goals best. Once everything is set, stick to your fitness routine to achieve your goals. 

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